At Opheim Seed & Chemical we know that there are countless brands of seed available for purchase.  At times making a seed decision can be overwhelming given all of the different brands and traits you have to choose from.  Here at OS&C we are proud to have partnered with a few of the best companies in the seed industry and we are very knowledgable about the products we recommend to our growers.  Aside from studying literature on our products, we plant and harvest an extensive corn and soybean plot each year where we are able to compare the best seed that each of our companies has to offer.  In addition to our plot, we also farm, which means we don't recommend products for you to plant on your farm that we aren't willing to plant on ours.

We are proud to have partnered with AgriGold, Prairie Brand, Kruger, NK, and Stine, which has enabled OS&C to offer a variety of traits in both the corn and soybean seed arena.  Over the years we have found that there isn't a seed need that we can't meet given the companies we have surrounded ourselves with.

Seed Treating


We are firm believers in getting the most out of each and every seed at Opheim Seed & Chemical.  Over the years we have found that it pays to protect your seed investment prior to planting.  Whether you choose to use a fungicide, insecticide, nematicide, innoculant, or a combination thereof, we think that when harvest rolls around you will be happy you did!

We have made a significant commitment to the seed treating process through the purchase of some of the best treating equipment that's available on the market.  It is important to us to have the right equipment and the right people to get the job done correctly.  We have four team members on staff who are licensed by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship to operate our equipment so that you receive a product that we are proud to sell.